Espresso$3.00 single$3.50 double
Specialty Drinks
Matcha Latte
Blue Butterfly$5.99$6.50
Hot Cacao$5.99$6.50
Organic Turmeric Gold Latte$5.99$6.50
Earl Grey Latte$5.99$6.50
Masala Chai Latte$5.99$6.50
Sencha Kyoto$3.25$3.50
Organic Assam Breakfast Tea$3.25$3.50
Blueberry White Peony$3.25$3.50
Evergreen Peppermint$3.25$3.50
Organic Licorice Verbena$3.25$3.50
Organic Kashi Ginger$3.25$3.50
Organic Blue Delta$3.25$3.50
Organic Coconut Rooibos Chai$3.25$3.50
Milk Options
Almond *unsweetened available*
Coconut *unsweetened available*

Julia has sought out local businesses who share her passion for transparency, sustainability and mindfulness.

High Quality Water

JJK handcrafted beverages start with the freshest water. Our onsite water system provides filtered, RO’d & re-mineralized water – getting rid of unwanted minerals like chlorine & putting back good minerals like calcium.

Julia’s Joyful Blend

Hand cultivated, organic coffee beans direct from farm to cup! Julia has selected her exclusive specialty beans from Oakville’s FireBat Coffee Roasters where they do not sacrifice flavour and personally know the producers they work with.

Dalla Corte

The first-ever certified lead-free espresso machine in the world, guaranteeing that there is no release of heavy metals into your coffee. High performance and energy efficient design, protecting our planet.

Artisan Teas

Julia’s healthful tea creations are direct trade and organic, from Genuine Tea of Toronto. Rejuvenate yourself with each sip.