Beating The Winter Blues!

Happy #wellnesswednesday friends💙

Feeling the winter blues right about now?

So are we! Good news is…we have some tips to help you beat them😍

Make sure you’re getting enough of these nutrients daily!

🤍Omega 3 fatty acids: They are healthy fats that are fond in most nuts and seeds! They promote proper brain chemistry and may help balance mood and alleviate mild symptoms of depression by helping to regulate dopamine and serotonin production.🌰

🤍Complex carbohydrates: For the same reason we want to choose more whole grains to avoid the sugar high and sugar crash, we also want them to help keep our energy and mood steady! By reaching for more fibre-rich complex carbs like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes (like peas), we will not only feel fuller for longer, but they provide us with tryptophan, which raises our serotonin levels and this may in turn lift our mood!🥦

🤍Vitamin B (specifically b6, b9 (folate) and b12): Help your body convert proteins from your diet into the neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, etc.) needed for mood and energy! B-complex vitamins also support heart health, improve your response to stress and help boost energy levels…two more things which help combat seasonal depression! Sources of B vitamins include: fortified whole grains, dark leafy greens, nutritional yeast, legumes. Vitamin B12 is not available from plants, which makes B12 deficiency a concern for plant based eaters. Make sure you are getting your B12!🥬

🤍Vitamin D: AKA the sunshine vitamin!!! We all know there is a lack of sunshine in the winter, which means we are getting way lower levels of Vitamin D than normal and also using up all of our stored sources. This is why making sure you are supplementing enough Vitamin D in your diet is essential!🌞

AND last but not least, try to get your exercise in! Exercise is proven to help boost mood and increase endorphin levels.🏋️ Even if its a quick walk outside, it will be SO worth it!

Good thing #JJK treats are full of nuts, seeds, whole grains, complex carbohydrates and our milk is fortified with vitamin D. YES! 🌟 We are also a quick walk for so many of you!

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