Blue Matcha

Everyone loves matcha…but have you ever heard of BLUE matcha?

Meet green matcha’s cousin, blue matcha. Made from the leaf of the Butterfly Pea Flower, which not only turns turn our lattes a beautiful blue, but offers many health benefits as well!

So, what is blue matcha? It’s created by grinding up a leaf, similar to how green matcha is made! In this case, it’s the leaf from the Butterfly Pea Flower.

Another similarity to green matcha? Blue matcha has been used in ancient cultures and traditional practices for its apparent healing powers!

What can it do?

Acts as a mood-booster. In ancient ayurvedic practices, Butterfly Pea Flower has been regularly used to treat those with depression, anxiety, and to promote a more generally calm state.

To enhance memory. Current research is looking into the use of Butterfly Pea Flower as a nootropic. This is a substance that may improve cognitive function, particularly functions such as memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

If you need more convincing that blue matcha is for you…unlike green matcha powder, or even the green tea leaf, the Butterfly Pea Flower doesn’t have any caffeine in it! Meaning you can drink it morning, noon & night and not have it affect your night’s sleep. In fact, there are studies being done (as blue matcha starts to gain steam), that show it can help you to relax and de-stress. Sign me up!!!

Therefore if you are caffeine sensitive, or just like to avoid it altogether, but want the creaminess that comes with matcha, our Blue Butterfly Latte is for you! Come enjoy one today!

Happy #wellnesswednesday !