Importance of Breakfast

Are you a breakfast lover??!!

Everyone always says that breakfast is a super important meal of the day…but why is it?

🤍Helps decrease the likelihood of overeating later in the day – Typically when you feel starving before bed it’s because you didn’t eat enough during the day. Skipping breakfast can confuse your hunger hormones causing your body to end up HANGRY and wanting to eat everything in sight later in the day (also making unhealthy, high-calorie options more appealing)!

🤍Can decrease chances of developing type 2 diabetes- Research has found that skipping breakfast 1x / week was associated with a 6% increase in developing type 2 diabetes. This number rose to 55% by skipping breakfast 4 or 5 times per week. This is because breakfast can significantly help manage blood sugar spikes more throughout the day.

🤍Gives you sufficient energy to kick start your day – Wholesome food = energy!!!

🤍Jumpstarts metabolism – this naturally slows when we are asleep.

🤍Provides you with important nutrients – Breakfast is a significant source of the day’s total nutrient intake (a lot of breakfast foods are also fortified with nutrients such as folate, iron, B vitamins and fibre).

🤍Reduces fatigue & can enhance mood, memory, thinking skills, alertness & attention span – Children (and adults) who miss breakfast are more likely to be irritable, restless or complain of feeling tired.

At #JJK we always have a breakfast items available because we know that the mornings are sometimes rushed and you need a quick something to fuel your day! Stop by and pick up some keto bagels, granola, muffins, loaves, or vitality balls just to name a few!

What’s your fav breakfast item?

Happy #wellnesswednesday 💙 #stayjoyful #juliasjoyfulkitchen