The Power of Flour!

As you know #JJK is gluten free, so what type of flour do we use to make our treats so irresistibly delicious??

Well, we use many different types of flours in our treats, but each offering tons of nutritious benefits!

Almond flour – very high in protein & fibre, contains monounsaturated fats (great for heart health- helps lower bad LDL cholesterol and blood pressure!), vitamin E (antioxidant!) and magnesium (a mineral that plays hundreds of roles in your body including controlling blood sugar) and has a naturally sweet taste! Great for grain free, paleo or keto baking!

Coconut flour – similar benefits as almond flour, it is also high in protein, fibre & healthy fats. Great for grain free, paleo or keto baking!

Oat flour – made from whole grain oats (gluten free of course)! Excellent source of dietary fibre, also reducing blood cholesterol levels in the body. Also PACKED with vitamins and minerals such as Manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc, Vitamin B1, B12, and folate.

As opposed to refined flours, which are typically high in carbohydrates and low in fibre, all of our flours are high in fibre and typically lower in carbohydrates. This means reduced blood sugar spikes and a more sustained source of energy!

What are some flour alternatives you love using?

Happy #wellnesswednesday

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