Tips For A Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming quick and up we have some tips to help you enjoy the day while also not sacrificing your health!

–> Treat it like any other meal…don’t skip every other meal that day in anticipation. Eat a healthy breakfast, drink plenty of water, and have a healthy snack before it’s time for the big feast!

–> Watch your portions, start small, you can always go back for more! Start by eating your protein source and veggies. Save the starches and sweets for last.

–> Savor each bite! There’s no rush to finish fast…put your fork down between each bite and take time to be grateful for the food in front of you. This gives your brain a chance to send the signal that your stomach is full…and stop eating when you’re full! No one enjoys feeling bloated and overly stuffed after a big meal ( amd that just means more leftovers!).

–> Be active. Get outside and go for a walk or play a game outside with your family and friends!

–> Make healthy substitutions…instead of a pumpkin pie full of pumpkin pie filling and sugar try JJK’s pumpkin pie, which is naturally sweetened, full of REAL pumpkin and something you can feel good with!

–> Enjoy it!! Thanksgiving only comes once a year its ok to treat yourself! Remember a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and moderation!