TREAT Yourself!

Happy #wellnesswednesday 💙

Our motto at #JJK is that we are dedicated to providing healthy & delicious treats that you can enjoy everyday! That’s right we said EVERY day!

Other than our treats being super delish, there are actually more reasons why you should treat yourself!

Many people think that we should just ignore our cravings for as long as possible, until they eventually go away. But actually the opposite is true!

The longer we crave something, the more we fixate on it. Meaning you become OBSESSED. More likely than not if you try to outrun a craving you’ll just end up eating 5 million other little snacks, and then finally end up eating the food you were craving in the first place!

The thing is your body knows what’s best and will tell you what it needs. It may seem scary, but if you allow yourself to listen to and honour your cravings you’ll be able to satisfy it! Your body will be happy and able to move on!

This is why we create treats that are made with wholesome & natural ingredients. You can enjoy your treat and feel good with it! There is nothing worse than upsetting your stomach with a super sugar filled treat that leaves you feeling gross and tired! We have all been there!

So next time you get that sweet craving, stop by JJK and satisfy your craving with a healthier treat choice full of real ingredients that you will be able to feel GOOD about! Everything in moderation right! That’s why we can feel good with enjoying a #JJK treat!

#stayjoyful #juliasjoyfulkitchen